Lost & Found Notifications1

Lost Notifications

BlueScope as a device tracker lets you monitor your personal bluetooth devices to get immediate alert notifications when your device goes out of range

Found Notifications

Device finder feature lets you receive alert notifications when your lost bluetooth device is detected nearby.

BlueScope can also send background notifications even when the app is not running.

Apple Watch Support

Receive Lost & Found notifications on your paired Apple Watch.

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BlueScope Notifications feature
BlueScope Map and Directions

Maps & Locations1

View device location in Map View whether the device is within range or offline. With Location Services enabled, you can see the last known location of your Bluetooth device when it's out of range. With added notifications, get automatic alerts when the device is nearby.

Directions to Lost Device

With built-in Apple Maps support, you can also get directions to the last known location of your lost device, if location services were enabled earlier.

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Play Sound on Device1

BlueScope also allows you to Play Sound on the supported devices, to easily locate them. When a supported device is detected and connected, BlueScope will show a speaker icon below the device information. Tap on 'Play Sound' to play sound on the device.

With added support for Siri Shortcuts, you can simply say, "Hey Siri, Find AirPods", or, "Find My AirPods"

Apple Airpods

Yes, Apple Airpods are supported for this feature.

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BlueScope Play Sound feature
BlueScope My Device List

Smart Device Identification1

BlueScope can automatically identify devices and accurately display device symbols and model name2. If the device supports it, BlueScope can also display the current battery level. You can view all of your bluetooth devices from one single app.

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Beautiful Dark Mode

BlueScope comes with complete support for dark mode with native iOS design. With added support for custom colors, you'll love using it.

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BlueScope Dark Mode support
BlueScope Technology

Advanced Technology

BlueScope is powered by Cutting Edge Technology and Advanced Algorithms to give you a best user experience, while providing advanced and easy to use features.

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Privacy and Security

BlueScope is built with your privacy and security in mind. BlueScope never associates any devices with any person, and never transfers or shares your personal data with anyone. All the data resides on your device with you in complete control.

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BlueScope Privacy

BlueScope for iOS

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  1. Premium features require an active Premium Subscription.
  2. Currently, only Apple devices are supported.